The 招生 area of our website is designed to make the application process as simple as possible using our online application. We require families to apply online as it simplifies submission and provides parents a tool for tracking online the status of their admission after their application has been submitted. Lakeland Christian School encourages families to begin the application process as soon as possible. The online application must be completed and submitted along with the $150 non-refundable application fee for grades K4-12.  除了, the required supplemental forms must be received before the application will be considered.

  1. 填写申请表
  2. 提交文档
  3. 筛选
  4. 面试
  5. 招生委员会
  6. 招生


要开始在线申请流程,请点击上面的“在线申请”链接. Then log into your account and create a new student application for your child. You will then have the flexibility to log in and out of your account and access your open application. 递交申请后, you will be able to track your admissions status at the school by logging into your account. 在那里,您将能够打印完成的申请, 监督学校收到补充申请表的时间, 如有必要,重新打印补充表格.  如果你有任何问题, 请致电招生办公室(863)688-2771,我们将为您提供帮助.


Should you desire more information than is available in our online materials, please 请求更多信息,我们的招生办公室将与您联系.



任何已达到能力要求的年级, students that have completed the admissions process and been accepted will be placed in a wait pool until space becomes available.  如果第一学期的年级仍然是满的, you may choose to have your application moved to the following school year by contacting the 招生 Office, 届时申请费将相应收取.  


所有新生都必须有九周的试用期. The workload, discipline, and environment require a considerable adjustment for many students. 在这一时期结束时是否有必要做出改变, 将安排与家长的会议.


对许多家庭来说,基督教教育需要经济上的牺牲. 学校努力有效地规划和控制学费成本. It is essential that families meet their obligations to the school in order to maintain financial stability. Please note that if a student is withdrawn during a semester, the full semester’s tuition is due.


ladbrokes立博亚洲没有种族歧视, 国家的起源, ethnic origin or sex in its admission policies or in the administration of its programs.


我们感谢您对申请ladbrokes立博亚洲的兴趣. 如果您在申请过程中有任何疑问, 请致电(863)688 -2771与招生办公室联系. 所有申请必须在线提交. Your child’s application is considered complete and ready to process when the school has received the following items:

  • 出生证明副本
  • 佛罗里达州卫生部的免疫记录表格DH-680
  • 目前在佛罗里达州卫生部的体检表DH-3040
  • Two consecutive grade level report cards; current year and previous final year (for students entering grades 2-12)
  • 最近的标准化考试成绩(适用于4-12年级学生)
  • 完整成绩单(适用于11年级和12年级学生)
  • 教会和将军教育. Teacher Reference Forms are required and generated during the online application.


所有四年级到五年级的学生都将参加分班测试.  There are no additional fees for testing (with the exception of additional special education admissions testing, 如果需要).


在您提交上述项目后, you will be contacted by the school’s registrar to schedule a parent interview with the principal.  在6-12年级,学生面试也是必须的.  You will be asked to share about your personal faith and current level of involvement in your church.  校长将简要说明基督教教育的目的, 提供我们项目的概述, 给你们时间问关于学校的任何问题.  如有需要,家长可安排与商务办公室会面.  所有获得麦凯奖学金的学生必须与商务办公室会面.


After completion of all of the above, your application will be reviewed by the 招生委员会.  If your child meets the admissions requirements but there are no spaces currently available in that grade, you will be given an opportunity to keep your application active in the waiting pool.


Upon your child’s acceptance, you will receive a letter from the 招生 Office.

Payment of the enrollment fee is required before your child is officially enrolled. 至少有一位家长必须出席由校长主持的迎新会. 您将被告知本次会议的日期和时间.


Our admissions standards reflect our commitment to serve as a partner with the home and the local church in the Christian education of our students. We ask that the following admissions standards are met by our students and their families:


LCS is most effective when working with families who share spiritual and academic goals compatible with the mission of the school. 招生 priority is given to families who give evidence of their spiritual commitment by faithful participation in a local church and attention to the Scriptures in their home. Families demonstrate commitment to the school’s academic goals by a record of consistent 出席 and support of the teachers’ efforts to promote the priority of learning in the life of the student.


Each family and each student admitted to LCS is expected to exhibit a cooperative spirit. Parents and students should read the Family Handbook (available on the website) for a description of the school’s standards and expectations. 每所学校都有与着装有关的政策和程序, 出席, 沟通, 守时, 行为, 举止, 和学者. A spirit of cooperation and partnership in these areas is essential for an effective educational experience. 对基督教信仰或学校的负面态度阻碍了入学. Students in grades six through twelve complete a student application and interview that provides them an opportunity to ask questions about any aspect of school life that may be of concern to them.


An applicant’s academic record must indicate that the student is adequately prepared for the instructional program at LCS. 如果学生一直在接受特殊支持服务(504计划), 等电位点, 其他的治疗方法), 描述这些服务的文件应该由家长提供.  学生应该认真对待他们的学术责任. Applicants who have exhibited a persistent lack of effort or uncooperative spirit will not be admitted.


LCS不招收有违纪记录的学生. 被其他学校开除的学生将不被录取.

K4, K5和一年级

学生必须符合学校的年龄和成熟标准. Documentation for all required immunizations and physical examination must be on file prior to final admission. 对所有即将入学的小学生进行入学审查. Children who are four years old and developmentally ready may begin our K4 program. 学生必须在9月1日前满5岁才能进入五年级, 9月1日6岁进入一年级.